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Beatboxing Lessons


Matt has been beatboxing for over 10 years and LOVES teaching opportunities. He was a top contestant in the 2018 Las Vegas Beatbox battle and was a part of the world-renowned a cappella group BYU Vocal Point for 4 years. He learns everything he can about beatboxing and uses that to inspire everyone around him. No matter your experience, Matt will help you achieve goals that will level you up.

"Becoming a beatboxer is the most rewarding musical pursuit I’ve taken on. I can now express myself in a way that I never could before. When I started, I had so many questions and wished that I could talk to someone who had learned how it's done. My goal is to give you every tool you need to become the beatboxer that you want to be!"

To schedule a lesson and view pricing, click the button. It will take you to Matt's scheduler via Facebook.

Student Reviews

Matt is one of the best teachers I’ve ever had, academic or extracurricular. He knows his material and he knows how to teach it in a simple way that can easily be applied. He’s positive and encourages well and gives the right kind of feedback in order for the student to grow and improve without getting frustrated. I grew significantly as his student.

— S. Hall

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