While in Vocal Point, Matt had the privilege of sharing the stage with several outstanding performers.

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|   Ben Rector   |   Colbie Cailat   |   Kristin Chenoweth   |   Gladys Knight   |  


|   Peter Hollens   |   Lexi Walker   |   David Archuletta   |   Madilyn Paige   |   BYU Noteworthy   |


|   Al Carraway   |   Ryan Innes   |   Stewart Edge   |   Various BYU Performing Groups   |

Matt finished his time with Vocal Point in January 2020 and continues his musical pursuits.

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|   Merrill Osmond   |   Steve Soelberg   |   Dalley Music   |   Rifftide   |   SPARK   |

Matt Newman in BYU Vocal Point with Ben Rector
Matt Newman and Vocal Point rehearsing with Ben Rector

"Ben Rector is a class act. You find yourself in the middle of a conversation with him feeling like he's one of your good friends. His demeanor is just that pleasant and he makes you feel like he thinks you're great. Then you realize that he's an ACTUAL SUPER STAR. I respect him so much for deciding to have this attitude." 

Matt and the rest of the blue blazers shared the stage with Ben for a throwback rendition of "Never Gonna Give You Up" and an arrangement of "Be Thou My Vision". 

"This beatboxer is the real deal!"

-Ben Rector

Ben Rector

BYU Spectacular 2019

Matt Performed with Ben Rector in BYU Spectacular 2019
Matt Newman performing with Colbie Cailat Lucky

Colbie Cailat

BYU Spectacular 2018

A highlight of Matt's performing career was definitely with Colbie Cailat. One of his favorite songs in high school was "Lucky" and he would often play it on his guitar. Vocal Point sang their arrangement of "Lucky" with Cailat at BYU Spectacular 2018. "Beatboxing to that song with her singing lead was UNREAL!"

David Archuletta

BYU Spectacular 2018

In that same show in 2018, Matt had the opportunity to sing alongside Utah's very own David Archuletta. "Every time I see David I am so impressed with not only his talent, but with his kind attitude towards everyone. I can't imagine he has a single thought of ill-will towards anyone."

Matt Newman and the VP guys with David Archuletta and Colbie Cailat
Matt Newman and the Vocal Point guys with Kristin Chenoweth
Matt Newman performed with Vocal Point when they sang a Wicked Medley with Kristen Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth

BYU Spectacular 2017

"Kristin Chenoweth is the very definition of superstar. She is professional and kind in every way and steals the hearts of her audiences with no problem. Beatboxing with her in VP's Wicked Medley was my favorite performance of all time - bar none."

Matt Newman beatboxing during VP's Wicked Medley with Kristin Chenoweth

Gladys Knight

BYU Spectacular 2016

"I've never been so intimidated in my life! Gladys Knight is the Empress of Soul and I feel honored to have shared the stage with her as one of her 'pips'".  

For BYU Spectacular 2016, VP performed "Midnight Train to Georgia" and "Heard it Through the Grapevine" with Ms. Knight.

'It's been too long since I've had pips to sing with. I've gotta bring y'all to Vegas with me!'

-Gladys Knight

Matt Newman with the VP guys and Gladys Knight
Matt Newman with the VP guys and Gladys Knight

BYU Noteworthy

Various Events

Vocal Point performed in several events during Matt's time with the group. One of those was BYU Spectacular 2016 when they shared the stage with Gladys Knight to sing "Joyful Joyful" from the sister act. 

"So many great memories with Noteworthy! A highlight for me was a performance in St. George, UT where I did a duo beatbox showcase with their beatboxer, Sarah."

Matt Newman with the VP guys, Noteworthy, and Gladys Knight

Lexi Walker

Various Events

"You've gotta watch out for Lexi Walker! She knows how to bring it and is going to go so far."

One of VP's best performing music videos was done with Lexi on lead vocals for their medley of songs from "Beauty and the Beast" (watch below). They also shared the stage in various live shows.

Matt Newman with the VP guys and Lexi Walker

Peter Hollens

Various Events

In 2016 Matt with VP took part in a music video with Peter Hollens, One Voice Childrens Choir, and BYU Men's Chorus. That same year they performed in BYU's Christmas Under the Stars - an emmy award winning TV show!

Madilyn Paige

Various Events

During Matt's time in Vocal Point, he shared the stage with Madilyn Paige on multiple occasions. During their performance of "Sleigh Ride" Matt recalls a bucket of fake snow being blown into his face. It made it SO hard to keep a straight face and beatbox for the crowd!

Matt Newman with the VP guys, Madilyn Paige, and Peter Hollens

Ryan Innes

Christmas Under The Stars & Music Video 2016

Ryan Innes is an alum of Vocal Point. When Matt joined the group in 2016, a music video was shot with all the alumni from Vocal Point since it was established in 1991. See if you can spot Ryan singing a line from "If I Die Young"!

Christmas Under The Stars

With all three of the previously mentioned performers Matt joined them on stage for BYU's Emmy Award Winning Christmas TV Special in 2016. 

Watch Here

Christmas Under the Stars with BYU Vocal Point, Peter Hollens, Madilyn Paige, and Ryan Innes. This was Matt Newman's first year in the group.

Stewart Edge

Flash Mob Christmas Video 2016

"The flash mob video with Stuart Edge was so fun! We got on a train called the Heber Creeper in Heber, UT, hid our crazy Chrismas suits, and then flash mobbed the place with "Jingle Bells"!


Al Carraway

P2B Conference 2016

Al Carraway is a speaker and blogger who spoke at the Power 2 Become Conference in Rexburg, ID in 2016. Matt has been a long-time follower of hers and was so excited to meet her as Vocal Point performed on the same stage at this same conference.

Al Fox Carraway
Matt Newman with the VP guys and Al Fox Carraway

BYU China Spectacular 2019

Beijing, Xian, Shanghai with Various BYU Groups

Matt Newman with the VP guys and many other BYU Performing groups in China

One of the biggest shows Matt was a part of took place in China! Several BYU Performing groups traveled overseas to bring a show about finding oneself through making positive connections with those closest to us. 

"There are too many memories to share about this here... It was a once in a lifetime experience and I was so lucky to take part."

Matt Newman with the VP guys in China after a show
Matt Newman, Jason Bromley, and Zac Love after a performance with Merrill Osmand

Merrill Osmand

Christmas Show 2019

Merrill Osmand of the Osmand Brothers invited Matt to beatbox at a fundraising show in Riverton, UT. This event raised money for the Osmand Hearing Fund. 

"Merrill Osmand is a legend. I am ecstatic that I got to share the stage with him. It was a HUGE opportunity to watch and learn from the best."

Matt Newman performed with Merrill Osmand and others Christmas 2019

Steve Soelberg

Royal City, WA 2019

Steve Soelberg is a comedian that Matt & others toured around with in Southern Washington. "I couldn't stop laughing when Steve was on stage! He brought me up to do a small bit with him as well which was a ton of fun. Steve really took me in and helped me find out what direction I wanted to go with performing in general. I look up to him a lot and am lucky to have performed with him!"

Matt traveled to Royal City, Washington to perform with Steve Soelberg and others
Matt traveled to Royal City, Washington to perform with Steve Soelberg and others
Steve Soelberg


Christmas Music Video 2019

Rifftide is an a cappella group based in Utah. For Christmas 2019, Matt made an appearance in this music video with several other Utah based artists. Take a look and see if you can spot Matt in the video!


Dalley Music

Various Events

Jantzen and Hannah Dalley travel around doing shows for weddings and corporate events. Matt helps run audio for this dynamic duo, and often provides beatboxing accompaniment in their sets. Check them out @dalleymusic_ on instagram! 

"Jantzen and I go way back. If you ever get a chance to hear him sing with his wife, you're in for a treat!"

Matt often performs with Jantzen and Hannah Dalley
Matt Newman Opened for SPARK Singer in Roy, Utah on February 1st 2020


Roy, UT 2020

Matt opened a show for SPARK singers in Roy, UT early in 2020. Matt has been a fan of the group since they started and was elated to share the stage with them. Watch the clip below to see some of that performance.